Our Clients Get Big Results With SEO

Massive ROI, an increase in leads and an improved long-term outlook for their business.

About The Business

A local restoration, gutters and siding company that has been serving several cities and in the Midwest for over 15 years.  Offering services to both residential and commercial properties.  

Their bread and butter revenue generators were roof replacements, gutter installations, siding, and skylight installations.

Their website was lacking in SEO as well as conversion rate, so they chose to engage us for an SEO Sprints campaign.

The Problem

Our Solution

One of the most important aspects of any campaign is ensuring that your website is optimized to convert traffic into customers. Without a high-converting site, all of your current and future traffic will not convert.

As part of the SEO campaign we completely overhauled the on-page optimization.

We created highly targeted service, materials, and location pages, writing more than 70 pages of unique content to give it the best opportunity to rank highly.

As soon as the content went live, it was indexed and started to rank for over 600 relevant keywords.

We implemented a content marketing strategy and have been writing four high-quality (1000+ words) articles per month, which continued to valuable information to their website.

This gave their clients the best impression of their level of expertise as well as helped them understand important topics related to residential roofing and other home exterior services.

We built specific campaign traffic reports that allowed us to track the highest performing pages, including jobs booked, calls directly from the website, and the return on investment in total from the SEO campaign.

As part of any SEO campaign, link building is a 100% must.  In order to improve your website domain’s authority and increase your competitiveness in Google search.

We were able to secure 2-6 links per month from niche-specific websites.

We also improved their local search results for the Google Business Profile by auditing and continuing to build out citations that verified their business in the eyes of Google even further.

The previous had not been developed in a way that would allow for continued expansion and growth of the business over time.  

We made sure our efforts were flexible for the client so that when their business expands to new locations they will be able to seamlessly add those locations and continue to grow their business and its online marketing.

Local SEO Results

With the implementation of the above strategies including guidance on the entire digital marketing strategy, we were able to reach the clients’ goal of doubling the incoming monthly leads within the first 90 days of the campaign.

As an added bonus, we were able to demonstrate a positive return on investment within that same timeframe, and as the campaign develops they are currently getting a $9 return for every $1 they spend on their SEO campaign.

The client has increased their SEO budget and was able to reduce their monthly ad spend as a direct result of our SEO efforts.

Return on Investment
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Increase in conversions
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Increase in website leads
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Increase in traffic
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