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Running a firm is challenging

In the legal industry, we know it’s a very time-intensive responsibility.  We also know that many firms don’t have the option or desire to hire the full team required to be competitive in an online space. 

We believe most lawyers know that SEO is important and can benefit their firm, but the process is a bit confusing and often requires more time than they have to give.  We’re here to bridge that time gap and provide you the highest level SEO services without a massive time investment from you.

We’ll help your firm bring in more revenue using Google so that potential clients can find you when they need legal services. It’s time to get serious about marketing your law firm online.

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What is SEO?

The legal industry has been steadily moving from brick-and-mortar and referral-based client acquisition to more online marketing means.  

This is happening for a few reasons, including increased competition, lower costs of entry, and changing consumer habits. As a result, many lawyers are choosing to start their own law firms that focus on new forms of digital marketing.

If you’d like to augment your law practice with SEO and stay ahead of the curve in your current practice area, we can assist with that.  Check below for several reasons why we differ from your average law firm SEO agency.

Why Work with Us?

We ensure you have an online presence.

You don’t want to be the only lawyer without an optimized website; it’s just too easy for those potential clients to find someone else who is available and ready. We work by your side to create an online presence that speaks to your ideal clients. Seize the opportunity to ensure your clients can find you and benefit from working with you.

We are unhealthily obsessed with revenue

We have an extremely healthy obsession with making others money ensuring our clients build massive revenue for their firm.
We also protect your best interests as we only work with clients who we believe we can achieve a positive return on investment with.

We Specialize in working with only lawyers.

As we only work with law firms and lawyers, we understand intimately the requirements to be competitive in the online space.
There are a lot of important nuances that come along with the legal industry that other agencies miss. These are details that are imperative for a law firms success online.

You can get more business with less time and effort.

High-quality SEO campaigns are an extremely involved process. It takes a massive amount of time, organization, and planning to run successfully.
Using our SEO agency will save you time and avoid hassle so you can focus on what you’re best at, handling cases.

We fiercely research the legal market.

When creating an SEO campaign research is a massive key to success, some agencies don’t go deep enough though.
We are constantly studying the most successful law firms, likely some of your competitor’s campaign tactics. You can trust we will find exactly what they are doing that works and use it for you.

We run conversion rate optimization.

Our process not only includes focusing on getting your firm more clients, but also to maximize the conversions from the increased traffic. If you’re already getting some traffic, using conversion rate optimiation will maximize the leads and customer inquiries from the traffic you’re already getting.

The SEO checklist for law firms and legal professionals.

Relying too much on referrals and offline strategies have left many law firms handicapped when it comes to finding new clients. However, the internet provides an opportunity for lawyers to reach far more potential customers than they would have been able with just a local referral practice or relying solely on ads in newspapers or magazines.

It can be overwhelming trying to figure out how best to spend your marketing budget as well as which type of advertising is most effective online–especially if you’ve never done any digital marketing before!

In this easy-to-understand checklist, we’ll break down all aspects from top-to-bottom so that even someone who doesn’t know anything about law firm SEO will come away confident enough in their knowledge base (and skills) such that they are ready to start generating leads themselves through Google.


Matt has been my go-to SEO specialist for a few months now, and he’s the best I’ve ever worked with. Not only is he responsive to any inquiries I have, but his skills are unmatched by anyone else. He knows how to do deep keyword research that applies to my business’s needs and also understands on-page optimization as nobody else does! Determined, astute, proficient, and most of all friendly, if this is what you’re looking for, Matt is who you need.
Samantha H.
I've had the pleasure of working with Matt for over a year now. He listened and understood the problems I had with my current site traffic and worked with me to tackle each one. I highly recommend him and his team and look forward to our continued professional relationship with Matt, he's taken our business up a notch.
Arif M.

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