Whether your located in Omaha NE, or anywhere else in the world, SEO can help you.

Are you ready to make more revenue in the current age of digital opportunity? Then search engine optimization SEO is your answer. SEO is a powerful tool that allows potential customers to find your business’s website without the cost of running ads.

SEO increases organic traffic to your website. Organic traffic refers to the visitors that land on your website as a result of unpaid (“organic”) search results. Whether you’re in Omaha NE, or somewhere else in the US, the principal of SEO still work.

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How People Use Google

let’s pretend the owner of a small business is looking to hire someone to run their Social Media. So, they do a Google search for “Social Media Management” or “Social Media Marketing”. On the first page of the search results, they will see companies who are service providers for that niche. The owner then selects one of these options and visits one of the companies website’s.

But how did those websites get there? Why did they show up on the first page while hundreds of other sites filled the 2nd page and on?

Those sites came up first in the search results because they were the most relevant options (In Google’s eyes) to show the searcher. Sites on the first page Google trusts, because they are informative, credible and trustworthy. Google rewards websites that are relevant, authoritative, and have high quality content.

This is where Search Engine Optimization comes in. It’s a way to “play by Google’s rules” and get your website closer to the top of the search results.

Over time Google changes the rules on how they rank web pages. These updates changed certain metrics Google tracks as well as hundreds of other variables. For many these updates are a positive thing. That’s because these Google rewards websites that provide value to people searching online. Google gobbles up good websites and spits them out based on how beneficial they are to their searchers.

At Photon SEO we’ve helped our clients make more money. We’ve made true believers in the power of search engine optimization. We love when they call us with excitement when they are busier than they have ever been.

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What Is SEO?

SEO is an acronym that stands for “search engine optimization” and it’s a form of internet marketing. SEO’s goal is to rank your website higher in the SERPs (search engine results page). When you are on the first page people can easily find you.

Search engine marketing is a way for a business owner to make their website more search engine friendly. SEO utilizes keywords in your content to signal to Google what your page is about. Using proper technical SEO or “best practices” ensures that your content is being crawled and indexed efficiently.

SEO Is An Investment in Your Business

It is like building a house versus renting one. In the long term, you are building equity, building something that has a value that you also own. Over time your website becomes more and more valuable because it not only exists but it PERFORMS. It can add equity to the total value of your business. It can help you keep a consistent flow of inbound leads.

SEO is important because its use empowers businesses to grow their revenue and expand their efforts more and more over time. The primary goal is to rank well for specific targeted keywords, which will bring traffic. If your SEO campaign targets traffic correctly, this traffic will turn into quality leads that you can convert into sales.

Here's Why Search Engine Optimization Is So Important

If you’re not using SEO, people will be unable to locate your website organically. Especially if you are in a competitive industry. If your website sits on page 2 of Google results, you are essentially invisible. If you want more people to give you business, they have to know your business exists.

A huge percentage of people start the buying process with a Google search. In July of 2020 it was determined that 81% of internet users searched online to buy a product or service. Search engine optimization is very important because it puts you ahead of the pack. It shows your business to potential clients FIRST right when they are looking.

We can promise others in your industry are doing SEO, so what’s stopping you?

A Website That Looks and Performs Great

Websites should not only look great, but it should truly serve it’s purpose. To become a lead generating machine.

We’ve heard from clients they’ve been told by other marketing agencies that SEO doesn’t matter, as long as your website looks good, everything will be fine and dandy. This is simply not the case, as many companies have proven.

When you have an SEO team working for you around the clock it can take so much stress off your plate. It’s also very exciting to know that you have a team of search engine optimization experts helping you reach more success. Working around the clock to create and execute high quality content for your business. Especially one that follows best practices so your SEO online marketing strategy can realize it’s full potential.

SEO vs. Paid Ads

We are often also asked about Google adwords, as well as other types of ads. Yes, they work, they can get you more leads, there is no denying that. One issue with ads is they can be extremely expensive. In some cases the same amount of traffic generated by SEO would cost 10 times more with ads. Another issue is that once you pull the funding from the ads, you will no longer be gaining that traffic. Also, if you run ads for a target audience and see no increase in business in return you’re now dealing with a sunken cost and nothing to show for it.

With so many small businesses, medium sized businesses investing in local SEO, what’s stopping you? It’s a great investment if you are serious about growing your business.

When you are search for a service online, do you click on ads?

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SEO - Your Race Car Engine

Search engine optimization can be the engine your business needs accelerate the growth of your business. The goal is always to bring you more revenue and once and SEO campaign takes off it can make a massive difference on the trajectory of your business.

SEO is a longer approach, so it does take a bit more time. We’ve seen Omaha SEO clients get 5, 10, even 30x returns on their initial investment month after month. These clients are ecstatic with their results from search engine optimization. Often they double or triple their budgets because they are seeing huge business growth.

If you’d like to augment your business with search engine optimization and stay ahead of the curve and latest trends in your current area, we can assist with that. 

Check below for several reasons why we differ from your average SEO agency.

Revenue, Not Rankings

We focus on the results you want most: MONEY, REVENUE, CHEESE, MOOLA.

High ROI – A lot of Omaha SEO companies and marketers talk about their high rankings and what they can do for your business. We aren’t focused on generic rankings that don’t drive leads or sales. Our goal is to get you more revenue with the work we are doing.

The beauty of search engine optimization, is it will drive high quality traffic to your website month after month, year after year.

We empower local businesses with what we’d consider the healthiest form of marketing. We show a positive return on investment with your marketing budget. With search engine optimization we are able to track what’s working. We provide SEO exclusively, so we know what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to internet marketing. 

The number one, most important thing to us is that YOU are getting a positive return on your SEO investment.

SEO Marketing Strategy and Expectations

Honest and Upfront

We are forward and clear about every client’s SEO campaign. We don’t take your money unless you can be competitive in your market. Search engine optimization is not a quick-fix solution that works overnight. We want to be clear about this fact.

If your website has been online for less than a year, it’s going to be very hard to show you a positive ROI for several months. We can also say that although we do work with clients nationwide, we are not always the best fit for everyone.


Your company and it’s success is number one to us. We apply realistic goals and only focus on what will work for you unique situation. We ground ourselves in exceptional personal service from day one of your campaign.

We host monthly follow ups for all clients where we discuss the work done. We also cover where to focus our efforts based on what makes the most sense for your business. As part of our digital strategy, clients should always be in the loop. So they can see where their budget is going and how it will benefit them.

We do not take a clients payment unless we can achieve your goals with our marketing efforts. We are excited, dedicated and ready to meet and exceed your expectations.

Our Process - Full SEO Web Analysis, SEO Strategy, and More

Keyword Research

A huge part of your success lies in targeting the right keywords for your industry. Using the right keywords, is always best. It will increase your chance for conversions as well as getting ranked on page one of Google.

Our Omaha SEO experts take into account industry trends and competition. We find the best key phrases that users use when entering these queries into Google.

Competitive Analysis

The world of search engine optimization is getting more competitive every day. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t find success. We analyze competition based on their position and efforts. With this information we analyze the competitive gap.

We take deep dive on your competition. Decide what has been working well for them. Then focus on your unique selling point to give you a competitive advantage.

On-page Optimization

This is something we can’t stress enough. We all know how important it is to have a fast loading website coupled with a high-quality website design, but it also goes deeper than that.

We will check out your site and point out things that may be slowing you down and offer ways to fix them. We also make it a priority to make sure your website is using the most recent technologies in search engine marketing. Ensuring that your page layout is correct, the better your page is structured, the easier and faster it is for Google to index your site. The faster the index, the sooner the ranking. The sooner the ranking, the quicker you will start generating leads.

Off-page Optimization

Off page has a few great uses. One of them is creating signals to Google that your website deserves credibility. Another

We want you to be found online. We have an arsenal of great off-page optimization strategies that can help you get found in search engines that are guaranteed to bring more traffic.

Content Creation

Quality content is a crucial part of your success. As Omaha SEO experts we create content for our clients that optimized for search engines. We produce content that provides our clients with an advantage in their respective markets. The better the content, the more interested your prospect will be to work with you. If you help people who come to your site, that builds trust. Trust that allows you the opportunity to provide them with a solution that fits their needs.

Not all content is the same when it comes to SEO. Some content is more valuable than others and Google knows how to tell the difference. The content we create for our clients helps them get found online. Whether it be blogs, high value articles or press releases, we make sure it’s done right.

Link Building

This technically falls under the off page optimization category, but it’s such an important part of SEO we make sure to discuss it. The more people see your site as a trusted resource the higher chance you have at ranking.

Links fuel the fire of great content, they are an integral part of your SEO marketing strategy. The rules still apply, not matter if you’re interested in local Omaha SEO services or a national brand. You can be sure that we take care in ensuring you build quality relationships and links with authority sites.

Web Design

When running and SEO campaign it’s important to drive the traffic to a website that performs. If your website isn’t converting your new traffic into leads or sales it’s all in vain.

Our web design takes into account a great user experience as well as performing well with conversions. When designing our websites we focus on the user experience. This ensures that clients will have an easier time contacting you.

Tracking and Analytics

When we take you onboard, we install Google Analytics to help us have the data to track the behavior of your users. Google Analytics provides us with data we need. It can tell us which pages on your website are getting the most traffic. It also keeps us updated on the health of your site and opportunities for improvement.

Blog Posts & Articles

The content on your website is very important. The number one priority is always quality. Quality content is great for the search engines and users alike. We make sure to produce pages and blog posts that provide massive value.

When you are proud of your work, it’s easier to share. When people share it drives traffic, and creates advocates. Other websites will want to use parts of your content on their own sites, and that’s a great thing!

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Omaha SEO Company

Do you ever wonder why websites use certain headlines? Guess what, here’s a cool lesson. That term right there, “Omaha SEO Company” that term is searched 480 times each month. There are also a handful of related terms that correlate with that search phrase.

How do we know this? Because we obsess over knowing these things.

We are not only able to analyze metrics that matter but we are also able to use those metrics and apply them. SEO comes down to genuinely inspiring audiences with your content.

People like yourself use Google search every single day. They enter many different search queries per day. From these searches they get a list of the most relevant answers in the SERPs.

We take each necessary step in helping brands discover success. Keyword research is the core. Content creation comes next to capitalize on the golden opportunities we find. Then we post it up on a beautiful website design that is optimized for conversions. It’s not about just raw traffic, but a digital strategy that brings in targeted visitors who are ready to buy.

Our Clients Stay Because They Get Results

We’ve had clients triple their website visits in one month! Some marketing companies will make false promises. We do not, and we are very transparent with our results.

We take the extra step to make sure to prepare your website for success. We teach our clients who are willing to learn via osmosis. We love to educate clients on the changes we are making. They are always thankful to know how to apply these tactics themselves. Our goal is not only to help you get found online, but also to empower you so you can maintain success. We love turning a client into another SEO expert.

Keep reading to learn more about what tactics we use to build your website into a high-quality traffic machine.

Omaha SEO Services

No matter what stage of building your online presence; understanding local SEO can help. Come learn what search engine optimization can do for you.

We are not your typical digital marketing agency. Competitive search engine optimization services are a powerful tool. We want to work with companies serious about taking their business to new heights. With our targeted campaigns we bring local businesses quality leads for high quality clients.

Keep in mind we do offer industry exclusivity, so we choose to only work with one type of business in each city.

Choose Photon SEO

A typical agency might focus on rankings, we focus on revenue. Our online marketing services will drive more visitors to your website. Whether you run a brick and mortar or an online business, we can help. We want high quality leads coming through directly to you month after month. This way you can stop worrying about that part of your business and focus on where you decide.

At Photon SEO we offer superior search engine optimization strategies. As an Omaha SEO agency we love to help our community. You will love our approach versus other options who focus on rankings. We are honest, upfront and clear.

We are not among the SEO companies and marketers promising results to get you stuck in a terrible relationship. We are homegrown in Omaha NE, and offer local SEO services for any local business in the US who wants to see their business grow.

If you’re looking learn more about how you can step up your internet marketing with an Omaha SEO company, we’d love to chat!

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