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In today’s digital age law firms need to be ready to expand their horizons and grow their law firms by maximizing their client acquisition.  A winning solution to this is SEO services for lawyers. Utilizing SEO your firm can grow and compete in the modern-day legal arena.  In this blog post, we will discuss how law firms can use search engines to supercharge the frequency of their incoming clients and get more cases!

Two SEO professionals looking at a laptop determining the next step for their legal SEO campaign.

What Is SEO, and How Is It Important for Lawyers?

SEO is the process of impacting a law firm’s search rankings in organic results on Google Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines.  The best performing law firms online reach the top spots withing search results by creating content that appeals to not only their target market, but also search engines.  The more frequently a site ranks, the more traffic and REVENUE it can receive from potential clients online!

Search engine optimization is important for law firms because it can bring in more traffic, leads, and ultimately revenue.  When your law firm’s website performs well in search engines you have more opportunities to reach potential clients—clients who are ready to hire a lawyer!

Not only does SEO services for lawyers help bring in qualified case leads but it also helps law firms grow their online presence and brand name recognition.  Think about the last time you researched a product online. How did you do it?  I’m willing to bet you went to Google, typed in what you were looking for, and picked one of the results on the first or second page.

Well, why did you do that?  It’s because you trusted Google or your favorite search engine to line your need up with the right match for you.  I’m also willing to bet that you likely found what you were looking for in those search results.  That’s because search engines do a great job identifying who offers great products, who is reputable, and who can best serve the person looking for that service.  Lawyers utilizing SEO can make all the above possible, leading to massive revenue growth.

What Does Law Firm SEO Look Like?

SEO can be done in many ways, but it all begins with high-quality content.  Law firms need to create a compelling website full of rich service page content and blog posts so readers will share them on social media & networking platforms.

On top of high-quality content, law firms will need to effectively target high-value keywords related to their legal services and naturally integrate them within their law firm website.   If the law firm’s site structure is optimized correctly then search engines will have an easier time crawling the law firm’s website.  Having an optimized site will help law firms grow their search engine rankings and traffic!

Did you know that 74% of people who search online

When done right, SEO services for lawyers can cause a massive increase in revenue for your firm!

Do Lawyers Need SEO?

A whopping 96% of people who are seeking legal advice, do so using a search engine!
Infographic explaining the importance of SEO services for lawyers, there is a desktop computer stating that 74% of consumers visit a law firm's website to take action.  Also, a mobile phone showing that 55% of searches are on mobile.

With a resounding yes we wholeheartedly believe that every law firm needs SEO.  The first step to properly done SEO always takes into consideration the user.

When a new user finds your website (maybe, because you hired us for SEO services) they are getting a first impression of how you operate as a business.  The questions everyone asks themselves when they first walk into a new business are:

Is it easy for me to find what I’m looking for?

Is everyone here helpful?

Did I have an enjoyable experience here?

Will I come back next time when I need this service?

Will I recommend this place to others?

If these questions are important to you as a consumer, you can certainly understand that they are also important to potential clients when viewing your website for the first time.  An SEO Agency like ours will help you establish that credibility and increase your incoming traffic as well as ensure clients have a great experience.

Sure, SEO Seems Important but Isn’t It Complicated?

SEO is complicated, but law firms do not need to be tech-savvy in order to implement our services.

The good news is when you work with us, we make sure to simplify the entire process for you.  Our SEO agency will work with your law firm to help guide the process for you!

Photon SEO provides services for legal professionals that is easy to understand.  We don’t send you silly spreadsheets with thousands of keywords and update you with confusing charts that have no real meaning to you. We are here to talk about one thing, REVENUE. The end all be all of SEO.

If you are looking to simplify SEO for yourself, we’ve done that for you by focusing on what works best for law firms.  We can improve your online presence without unnecessary jargon and spreadsheets with hundreds of lines.

What Else Comes With Buying SEO Services?

When you choose to work with us as your SEO agency you will also get secondary benefits from the relationship.  Since we only provide SEO services for lawyers and legal professionals, we understand how many firms operate and we can provide guidance on things outside of SEO.  Another important benefit of working with us is that you will understand exactly what your competitors are doing to acquire clients.  On top of that there are processes and important metrics we’ve identified and helped other firms implement that have improved their inbound client close rate.

Have you ever wondered why a competing firm always seems to bring in so many clients?

Well, maybe it’s time you give SEO a really hard look and think about how many potential clients it can bring to your law firm!

Are You Looking for a Law Firm SEO Expert?

At Photon SEO, we believe if we aren’t getting you the results you desire; we don’t deserve to take your money. We work on month-to-month contracts and are undoubtedly dedicated to get your firm the results you dream of.

No matter which practice areas you offer,

What your law firm’s website’s current performance is,

Whether you’ve done search engine optimization in the past,

Or if you’ve been making the most of your service pages and blog posts,

We can help you, and we’d love the opportunity to chat and see what opportunity we can uncover together.

If making more revenue and getting more targeted potential clients for your law firm is something you’re interested in, book a free consultation today and let’s make it happen.